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Behavior Functions Inc. was created to provide high quality services based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, to individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Our program is designed to maximize their learning potential and ability to access a more independent, meaningful, productive and happy life.

Our team understands the stress and daunting tasks families goes through to obtain and maintain services for their love ones with special needs, with the hopes that these services can maximize their learning potential. Therefore, our team is committed to focus on the objectives and create hundreds of learning opportunities per session to achieve goals quicker; to ensure our program is designed to teach skills that are applicable and meaningful to everyday living; to ensure our team uses research based behavior intervention to produce progress and results. More Detail
The Words of My Mentor
by Drew Nguyen
Words from my mentor resonate
within me as I gratefully recite
Them to my own students

My mind is innovative and
Creative in teaching you

My heart can nurture and
Support your
Individual abilities

My dreams can foster and
Motivate your
Thirst for knowledge

I will inspire you to
Advocate for change and
Break down the barriers
as you pursue lifelong learning

I will instill in you the
strength and faith to
succeed at whatever
you may do

I will encourage you to
Share with others your
Hopes, pride and joy

But most importantly,
I will show you a world of endless
possibilities by merely seeing
the potential that exists in you