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Behavior Functions, Inc.’s highly-trained clinical team focuses on producing significant results that can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. We are confident that our treatment program, based on Applied Behavior Analysis, can benefit you and your family.

BFx offers the following services:

For effective and efficient intervention, it starts with conducting assessments that will help to identify the individual’s needs. Based on the information gathered from the assessments, intervention plans with goals and objectives are created to address those needs, and services are recommended to help the individual achieve his or her goals. BFx has a team of professionals who can conduct the following assessments:
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Social Skills Assessments
  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
Direct Therapy
Direct therapy service is recommended when the behavior challenges affect the health and safety of the individuals and those around them, and the lack of functional skills limits his or her independence for daily living. This level of needs requires a team of professionals to provide direct intervention to the individual to help stabilize the referral behaviors and build functional skills written in the FBA or other assessments. The intervention program is tailored to the individual’s needs and is implemented in the following direct services:
  • In-home Behavior Therapy
  • Clinic, community and school based intervention
  • Generalization and community integration
  • Social Skills (individual and group)
Parent Consultation / Training
Parents as primary care givers are responsible for their child’s developmental well-being, which is why parent consultation/training is an integral part of your child’s program. You or the primary caregiver will learn new strategies throughout the duration of the behavior services, to help better manage your child’s challenging behaviors; to teach appropriate replacement behaviors; and to maintain progress made during the time period in which you and your child started the behavior services. For this reason, it is important you, as parents, and other caregivers be actively involved in the behavior management services of your child.
Professional Consultation / Training
Parents rely on others involved in the direct care and teaching of their child, such as teachers, doctors, nanny, respite providers, speech and occupational therapist. Behavior Functions, Inc. gladly collaborates and provides training to these individuals to ensure everyone has the skills set to help the child achieve his or her goals.

Location of Services

Behavior Functions, Inc. continues to expand to meet the high demands and needs of the multicultural communities in Orange County California. The measure of a successful intervention program is when the individual can use learned adaptive, social skills to interact with others appropriately, and function as independently as possible in their natural settings.

The intervention program will start in the individual’s home and/or where the parents/caregivers report the behaviors occur the most. Once challenging behaviors are stabilized and the parents/givers gain confidence in managing the behaviors in the home; the intervention team will gradually work with the individual in other settings. Our team will collaborate with other professionals in these settings to ensure they understand and agree to work with the customized intervention plan to help the individual achieves goals. BFx staff will work in various locations such as community, school, day care centers, or other locations of interest to the parents/caregivers. With your support and collaboration, Behavior Functions, Inc. will continue to go the extra mile to create learning opportunities for inspiring achievements toward a more independent, meaningful, productive, and happy life.